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Taking Action against Climate Breakdown, Liverpool

Event Date: 12/10/2019

Saturday 12th October

9:30am – 4pm

The Quaker Meeting house, 22 School Lane, Liverpool, L1 3BT


Transition Liverpool is hosting this annual ‘North West Gathering’ which offers a chance to look at problems caused by climate change and encourage active participation in developing solutions.

The event will:

  • Take a look at the likely impact of fossil fuel use on our coastline as the area becomes more severely affected by sea level rises and storm surges
  • Hear from local groups about their activities to give a picture of the important work collectively achieved during this Year of the Environment
  • Seek to support and inspire each other as we make necessary changes to our individual lifestyles
  • Discuss the steps we need to take to reduce emissions
  • Explore how can we work with politicians in our local region to tackle climate breakdown

The day-long event is free, and refreshments and a light lunch will be provided (vegan option included).

For more information and to register a place on the event, click here.