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Ground investigations complete for proposed Bolton flood scheme        

Posted: 25/11/21

Ground investigation works for a potential flood scheme in Prestolee and Stoneclough have completed

The Environment Agency launch new flood warning services in Ambleside, Horwich, Blackburn, Crake Valley and Wennington

Posted: 25/11/21

On 24 November 2021 six new flood warning services were launched in Ambleside and Crake Valley (Cumbria), Horwich (Greater Manchester), Blackburn and Wennington (Lancashire).

The Flood Hub Community Flood Resilience Week

Posted: 19/11/21

From 29th November – 5th December we are hosting a Community Flood Resilience Week campaign looking at how communities can work together to reduce the impacts of flooding and increase their resilience to it.

Building #Communication Trees 🗣️📢 and using online web-based SMS messaging 💻📶📲 services to distribute important mes…!

RT @MerseyRivers: From tackling flood risk issues to #community resilience planning, flood groups can have very different aims💧. @TheFlood

RT @nwgrnd_Flood: This blog looks at some of the key functions of #Floodgroups and how they can help their #Communities become more resilie…