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The government has launched a new scheme to boost tree planting

Posted: 05/11/19

The government have launched a £50million Woodland Carbon Guarantee scheme to encourage farmers and landowners to plant more trees to help tackle climate change.

Volunteers needed for natural flood management project in Bootle

Posted: 05/11/19

West Cumbria Rivers Trust is appealing for volunteers to help with a project which aims to reduce flood risk in the village of Bootle, Cumbria.

Join us in celebrating The Flood Hub’s one year anniversary

Posted: 05/11/19

We are celebrating one year of The Flood Hub on 5th November 2019! Join us in celebrating by following our social media accounts.

Looking back at United Utilities ‘Managing Flood Risk from New Development in Partnership’ day

Posted: 30/10/19

United Utilities held a partnership event in September 2019 to understand how risk management authorities can work better to manage flood risk from new developments.

Volunteers needed for Flimby natural flood management project

Posted: 22/10/19

West Cumbria River’s Trust are appealing for volunteers to help with a project aiming to reduce flood risk in the village of Flimby.

A 50m long green wall is set to be installed at Liverpool’s St John’s shopping centre

Posted: 15/10/19

Plans for a giant living, green wall have been approved by Liverpool City Council as part of a global effort to increase green space in city centres.

The Environment Agency and Met Office have celebrated 10 years of flood forecasting

Posted: 11/10/19

The 4th October marked ten years since the Environment Agency and the Met Office formed a partnership and saved lives, livelihoods and protected infrastructure.

Manchester water company will attempt to fight fatbergs

Posted: 04/10/19

Manchester’s water company is on a mission to make the city’s sewers free of fatbergs.

Residents in Preston and South Ribble are invited to share views on the flood scheme

Posted: 04/10/19

Local residents and businesses are invited to attend a number of engagement events hosted by the Environment Agency to share their views on the Preston and South Ribble Flood Risk Management Scheme.

Flood risk reduced and bathing water quality to improve at Seascale

Posted: 03/10/19

Flood risk in Seascale will be reduced and water quality improved following a joint project between West Cumbria Rivers Trust and Cumbria County Council.

Completion of flood resilience works boosts protection for homes across the North West

Posted: 27/09/19

Around 100 homes and businesses, across the North West, will be better protected from flooding following the completion of preventative works by the Environment Agency and its partners.

A pilot project which will use nature to tackle flooding has been launched

Posted: 23/09/19

A natural flood management (NFM) trial has been launched at farm on the border of Yorkshire and Lancashire to help reduce the risk of flooding.

Highest-ever resolution of climate projections have been launched

Posted: 17/09/19

As the world becomes increasingly impacted by climate change, understanding more about the potential future intensity of hourly rainfall and extreme daytime temperatures is key to the UK’S resilience.

Communities in Cumbria and Lancashire will benefit from Government flood funding pledge of £62m

Posted: 11/09/19

Environment Secretary Theresa Villiers has announced a new round of flood defence investment for communities across Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cumbria, the North East and the South East of England.

North West RFCC Business Plan launch

Posted: 09/09/19

The North West RFCC has released its new Business Plan which sets out its priorities and actions for 2019 to 2022.

A £1million project to reduce flood risk in Earby has now been completed

Posted: 30/08/19

The project involved repairing a culvert which ran through the town to protect 91 homes and 17 businesses from flooding.

Works are due to begin next month to repair storm damage and strengthen the flood resilience of a section of the A685

Posted: 29/08/19

Cumbria County Council is investing approximately £650,000 in surfacing and drainage works as part of the council’s Infrastructure Recovery Programme.

£2m flood defence works on Penrith Road, Keswick are due to start on the 2nd September

Posted: 29/08/19

On the 2nd September, work on the major engineering designed to increase Keswick’s flood resilience is due to begin.

Recovery work goes on after heavy flooding in the North West and Derbyshire

Posted: 20/08/19

Work continues in towns and villages across the North West and parts of Derbyshire after being hit by heavy flooding

Flood victims in Stockport are being offered grants and a council tax freeze

Posted: 13/08/19

Stockport Council are offering grants of up to £200 to residents whose homes had internally flooded between the 28th July and the 9th August 2019.

Report into the November 2017 flooding released by Lancashire County Council

Posted: 12/08/19

Lancashire County Council have published an overview report of the flooding which hit parts of Lancashire in November.

The annual ‘flood and coastal erosion risk management report: 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018′ has been released

Posted: 08/08/19

The report summarises the activities carried out by risk management authorities (RMAs) in England.

A new project is launching in 2020 to help restore threatened sand dunes across England and Wales

Posted: 08/08/19

A fantastic new project will launch in 2020 which will help restore sand dunes for the benefit of people, communities and wildlife.

The Countryside Stewardship Facilitation fund is now open for applications

Posted: 08/08/19

The funding is to help groups of farmers, foresters and land managers improve the natural environment.

Work on the £25million flood defences has begun in Carlisle

Posted: 31/07/19

The Environment Agency has started work on the £25million flood scheme, three and a half years after Storm Desmond caused devastation across Carlisle. The scheme will protect 1600 homes and businesses from flooding across the city once it’s complete.

Cockermouth Company unveils their new multi million pound flood defences

Posted: 22/07/19

James Walker and Co, is one of Cumbria’s largest employers with more than 400 employees and in 2009 and 2015, the company was left underwater by flooding

DEFRA calling for evidence on Flooding and Coastal Erosion

Posted: 18/07/19

Defra is asking for evidence which focuses on some specific flood and coastal erosion policy questions that the government would like addition evidence on.

Green Sefton Consultation on Crosby Coastal Park Vision

Posted: 18/07/19

Green Sefton have launched a consultation for members of the public to have their say on what Crosby Coastal Park is planned to look like by 2030.

Flood Re call for homes to be built ‘better’ and more resilient after a flood in order to reduce insurance premiums

Posted: 17/07/19

Flood Re – the organisation which enabled owners of houses situated in flood risk areas – wants to further reduce insurance premiums by encouraging a practice to ‘build back better’ homes after a flood event.

Calls by Councillors for Lancashire to be included in the Northern Forest plans

Posted: 16/07/19

As part of the Government’s 25 year plan to improve the environment, proposals have been set out for a new Northern Forest. But the plans do not include the county of Lancashire.

Flood work completed in Glenridding after Storm Desmond devastation

Posted: 09/07/19

More than three years after the devastation caused by Storm Desmond, work to protect Glenridding from further flooding has been completed.

Construction gets underway on the major flood scheme in Radcliffe and Redvales.

Posted: 05/07/19

The launch of the flood scheme, which is designed to protect more than 800 homes and local businesses from flooding, was marked by a sod cutting ceremony yesterday.

With sea levels rising, two parts of Merseyside could become a separate island

Posted: 03/07/19

A website which maps the potential devastation if the polar ice caps continue to melt have said that Formby and Southport could become a separate island by the end of the century.

Next week marks the start of our SuDS awareness week campaign

Posted: 12/06/19

From the 17th – 21st June, we’re running a Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) Awareness Week campaign from The Flood Hub Twitter account.

£1.1billion a year in flood damage is prevented by UK river defences

Posted: 12/06/19

According to research, an estimated £1.1billion a year in flood damage is being prevented by the UK’s network of river barriers and defences.

North West Regional Flood and Coastal Committee is recruiting

Posted: 03/06/19

The Environment Agency are looking for new members to join the North West Regional Flood and Coastal Committee (RFCC) that has responsibility for promoting an understanding of flood risk, irrespective of cause: coastal, fluvial or surface water.

Construction on flagship flood scheme to protect Radcliffe and Redvales set to commence

Posted: 03/06/19

Homes and businesses across Radcliffe and Redvales will soon be saved from the threat of flooding with construction on the flagship £40m Radcliffe and Redvales Flood Alleviation Scheme due to commence in the coming weeks.

Study finds that the floods in 2009 and 2015 in Cumbria were the worst for centuries

Posted: 22/05/19

A ground breaking analysis of lake sediment in Cumbria has shown that the floods of 2009 and 2015 in the north-west England were the worst for more than 550 years.

Government delivers new £10m fund to plant over 130,000 urban trees

Posted: 22/05/19

Grants will be made available over the next two years to plant trees in town and city spaces to make them greener and to utilise the multiple benefits that they can provide.

Kendal Flood Plan Agreed

Posted: 20/05/19

The first phase of Kendal’s multi-million pound flood defence scheme is set to go ahead after it was confirmed the plan will not be ‘called in’ by the Government.

An Environment Agency public consultation has been opened regarding the draft National Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Strategy for England

Posted: 09/05/19

The Environment Agency has been leading a conversation with people and organisations who are affected by or work to manage flooding and coastal change

UK flood planners must ‘prepare for the worst’

Posted: 09/05/19

The Environment Agency has warned that Britain’s flood planners must prepare for the worst on climate change. The EA predicts that climate change and population growth will double the number of properties built on the flood plain over the next five decades

Carlisle to get “one of the highest levels” of flood protection in the country

Posted: 29/04/19

The planned flood scheme for Carlisle aims to provide one of the highest levels of flood protection in the country.

Environment Agency announces new green legacy for £2.6bn flood and coastal risk management programme

Posted: 25/04/19

The Environment Agency has announced a set of new supplier arrangements and partnerships which will increase efficiency, value for money and the green legacy of its £2.6billion capital investment programme.

A new website offering extensive information on river and lake improvement projects happening across West Cumbria has been launched.

Posted: 12/04/19

A new website offering extensive information on river and lake improvement projects happening across West Cumbria has been launched.

Public drop-in session organised for flood defence works on Penrith Road, Keswick

Posted: 10/04/19

A major project to install new flood resilience and defence infrastructure in the Penrith Road area of Keswick is currently being developed.

Summary of consultation responses and decisions: Flood risk activity permitting: standard rules consultation

Posted: 08/04/19

The Environment Agency held a consultation from the 16th November 2018 until the 11th January 2019 on the proposals for new and amended standard rules for flood risk activities.

A £10,000 flood warning board has been installed in Lower Broughton

Posted: 05/04/19

A new £10,000 digital flood warning and community information board has been installed on the edge of Mocha Parade in Lower Broughton.

New Flood Resistance Product Standards Consultation

Posted: 29/03/19

BS 851188, parts 1+2 have now been issued for public comment and will be open for comments until 28 May 2019.

Multi-million pound flood scheme in Radcliffe and Redvales given the green light

Posted: 28/03/19

A £40 million flood defence scheme in Radcliffe and Redvales, designed to protect up to 870 properties from a repeat of the devastating flooding seen on Boxing Day 2015, has been given the green light by Bury Council’s Planning Control Committee.

Phase 1 Kendal Flood Risk Management Scheme approved by planning committee

Posted: 26/03/19

Phase 1 of the Kendal Flood Risk Management Scheme Linear Defences has been approved by planners.

The Environment Agency have published new evidence to plan for flood and coastal risk up to 2065

Posted: 01/03/19

The Environment Agency has published a new economic assessment to aid planning for flooding and coastal risk management for the next 50 years.

Repairs on numerous paths and bridges have been completed following the devastation of Storm Desmond

Posted: 25/02/19

The Lake District has nearly fully recovered from the damage and destruction caused by Storm Desmond in 2015.

A new association is launching to support the delivery of sustainable drainage

Posted: 25/02/19

The Association of SuDS Authorities (ASA) is intending to promote the use of sustainable drainage in property developments.

Work on the £1million flood alleviation project in Earby has now resumed

Posted: 21/02/19

Work on the £1million flood alleviation project in Earby has now resumed, the project aims to reduce the risk of flooding to 91 homes and 17 businesses.

Kendal 3 Phase Flood Risk Management Scheme Information

Posted: 13/02/19

A Flood Risk Management Scheme in Kendal which is designed to better protect residential and business properties from flooding, improve the local environment and improve community amenities has been proposed by the Environment Agency.

Cumbrian Manufacturing Firm benefiting from £2.6m investment in Flood Resilience Measures

Posted: 08/02/19

James Walker & Co is a large, established Cumbrian manufacturing firm is benefitting from a £2.6m investment from Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership to protect its premises from flooding.

Following on from the Christmas tree planting campaigns

Posted: 05/02/19

Ribble Rivers Trust and the Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside put out an appeal last December for members of the public to donate their old Christmas trees.

Lancaster City Council have approved funding for the £10million flood defence scheme along Caton Road.

Posted: 22/01/19

Lancaster City Council have contributed £850,000 for  flood defences on the River Lune designed to protect  one of Lancasters most important commercial areas, which will help to safeguard more than 2000 jobs and contribute £37.3million to the local economy.

Taking care of the hills can help protect towns and villages from flooding

Posted: 22/01/19

According to researchers, a restoration scheme that is underway on the hills of the Peak District has the potential to alleviate the level of flood risk to towns and villages below.

Mrs Hayman, shadow Secretary of State for environment, food and rural affairs has met senior officials from the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA)

Posted: 22/01/19

Sue Hayman has spoken to insurance bosses about homes and businesses at risk of flooding. She has warned that West Cumbrian communities will become “ghost towns” if nothing is done to make insurance affordable and available to all properties and small businesses.

A DEFRA consultation has been opened regarding the improvement of the management of water in the environment

Posted: 15/01/19

In the last few years, DEFRA have seen a significant improvement in the water environment and in resilience to flood and drought and have opened a consultation regarding the improvement of management of water in the environment.

Greening Grey Britain with communities in 2019

Posted: 14/01/19

Is there a neglected space in your community that you’d love to transform into a green oasis for people and the planet? Do you have a community garden idea that could bridge the generation gap?

Achieving Sustainable Drainage Through Local Authorities

Posted: 14/01/19

SuDS were first introduced to the English planning system in 2010. National planning policy in England encourages SuDS on all major developments, unless there is clear evidence that they would be inappropriate.  However, as of the 7th January 2019, SuDS were made mandatory on all new developments over 100m2 in Wales.

Year of Environment – Liverpool City Region

Posted: 04/01/19

2019 is the Year of the Environment for Liverpool City Region, which will aim to get more people involved in projects to improve the natural world and leave a better environment for the next generation.

How willow has proved to be a natural defender against flooding.

Posted: 03/01/19

In December 2015, record levels of rainfall fell over Cumbria caused by Storm Desmond, which had huge impacts. Farmer’s livestock drowned and kilometres of fencing were destroyed as the rivers overtopped.

Working with nature to reduce flood risk in Greater Manchester

Posted: 19/12/18

Work on a natural flood management scheme is underway on Smithills Estate near Bolton.

Ribble Rivers Trust needs Clitheroe’s Christmas Trees!

Posted: 19/12/18

Ribble Rivers Trust are an environmental charity that work to improve the brooks, streams and rivers of the Ribble catchment for the people and wildlife who live there.

North West RFCC Business Plan consultation

Posted: 13/12/18

The North West Regional Flood and Coastal Committee are holding a consultation on their draft Business Plan for the period from 2019 to 2022.

The Wildlife Trust will host their Annual Christmas Tree Planting Event in 2019

Posted: 12/12/18

The Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside has put out an appeal for members of the public to bring their old Christmas trees to their ‘Annual Christmas Tree Planting’ event.

Government Petition on “flushable” wet wipes

Posted: 05/12/18

There is a UK Government and Parliament petition regarding the sale of wet wipes that are referred to as "flushable" on the packet, which if successful could help to prevent sewer flooding.

Environment Agency public consultation for new and amended standard rules for flood risk activities proposals

Posted: 26/11/18

The Environment Agency are holding a consultation on the proposals for new and amended standard rules for flood risk activities, as part of a review of their charges for regulatory works.

Environment Agency launching Flood Action Campaign 29th November

Posted: 22/11/18

The Environment Agency are gearing up to launch their Flood Action Campaign to make sure people know what to do in a flood, sign up to flood warnings, and keep themselves and their families safe.

Regional flood forecasting in Cumbria is set to be improved by the successful deployment of the NCAS mobile X-band weather radar

Posted: 13/11/18

The NCAS-X-band weather radar in Cumbria has been successfully put in place by The National Centre for Atmospheric Science and the Environment Agency. The radar will provide new observations to improve the Environment Agency’s flood forecasting and warning services.

New North West Natural Flood Management handbook

Posted: 12/11/18

A new 'Natural Flood Management handbook: a practical guide for farmers' has been produced, funded by West Cumbria Rivers Trust, Newground, Heritage Lottery Fund and the Environment Agency.

Tree planting across England set to get a Multimillion-pound boost

Posted: 31/10/18

As part of the Chancellors Budget, Phillip Hammond has announced a £60 million pledge to plant more trees in order to preserve the country's environment.

Morecambe Sea Wall Officially Open

Posted: 24/10/18

The new wave reflection wall that will reduce the flood risk to 11,400 homes over the next 100 years has been opened by the Environment Minister Thérèse Coffey.

Praise for Castle Street Community Flood Action Group Clean-up

Posted: 23/10/18

A community clean-up event in Kendal took place on the 14th October which was organised by the Castle Street Community Flood Action Group to protect homes against future flooding, coincided with a weekend of flood warnings and alerts.

Government agrees funding for a new West Kirby flood defence wall

Posted: 12/10/18

The Environment Agency has agreed to part-fund a new £3million flood defence wall that will change the face of West Kirby promenade forever.

Forthcoming Events

Leaky Dam Building: Stalybridge Country Park (12/11/2019)

Event Date: 12/11/2019

Mersey Rivers Trust are holding a number of volunteering events for members of the public to help build leaky dams in Stalybridge Country Park.

Kendal flood shop 13/11/2019

Event Date: 13/11/2019

The flood shop in Kendal is open for the public to find out more about the flood risk management scheme.

Wasdale Wednesday: Fence removal volunteer event

Event Date: 13/11/2019

You can volunteer to remove fencing ready for tree planting as part of an ongoing project at Santon Bridge.

Radcliffe and Redvales, Bury Flood Risk Management Scheme Phase 1 Drop-in (15/11/19)

Event Date: 15/11/2019

The Environment Agency is holding fortnightly drop-in sessions for the Radcliffe and Redvales Flood Risk Management Scheme.

Leaky Dam Building: Stalybridge Country Park (16/11/2019)

Event Date: 16/11/2019

Mersey Rivers Trust are holding a number of volunteering events for members of the public to help build leaky dams in Stalybridge Country Park.

Thornton Flood Action Group Evening Drop-in Session

Event Date: 18/11/2019

Thornton Flood Action Group is holding a drop-in session to

Tree Planting: Stockport, Greater Manchester

Event Date: 19/11/2019

Join Mersey Rivers Trust in this tree planting event to help restore areas of eroded riverbank.

West Cheshire flood drop-in event

Event Date: 19/11/2019

A multi-agency flood drop-in event is being held in West Cheshire to provide information and advice on recent flooding.

Derwent River Watchers: Tree planting

Event Date: 21/11/2019

Join Derwent River Watchers celebrate National Tree Week by taking part in this tree planting event.

Leaky Dam Building: Stalybridge Country Park (22/11/2019)

Event Date: 22/11/2019

Mersey Rivers Trust are holding a number of volunteering events for members of the public to help build leaky dams in Stalybridge Country Park.

Trout Beck Tree Plant, Cumbria

Event Date: 27/11/2019

Join Eden Rivers Trust to plant trees on local farmland and improve habitat by the side of the river.

Leaky Dam Building: Stalybridge Country Park (29/11/2019)

Event Date: 29/11/2019

Mersey Rivers Trust are holding a number of volunteering events for members of the public to help build leaky dams in Stalybridge Country Park.

Flimby Flood group: Hedge planting (5th Dec)

Event Date: 05/12/2019

Join Flimby Flood Group with tree planting to help reduce flooding in the village.

Scandal Beck Tree Plant: Community Day, Cumbria

Event Date: 08/12/2019

Join Eden Rivers Trust to plant trees on local farmland and improve habitat by the side of the river.

Wasdale Wednesday: Tree planting

Event Date: 08/01/2020

You can volunteer to plant trees as part of an ongoing project at Santon Bridge.

Flimby Flood group: Hedge planting (9th Jan)

Event Date: 09/01/2020

Join Flimby Flood Group with tree planting to help reduce flooding in the village.

Flimby Flood group: Hedge planting (6th Feb)

Event Date: 06/02/2020

Join Flimby Flood Group with tree planting to help reduce flooding in the village.