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New SuDS pro-forma available to help address surface water food risk

Posted: 29/05/20

A new SuDS Pro-forma for use by Local Planning Authorities has been launched.


Following a consultation period which ran from the 27th January – 21st February 2020, a new sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) pro-forma and accompanying guidance have been created for use by Local Planning Authorities as part of their planning documentation.

The pro-forma has been created for the North West and is sponsored and endorsed by the North West Regional Flood and Coastal Committee. It has been developed by a task group of representatives from United Utilities, North West Local Authorities and the Environment Agency, all of whom Planning Authorities may need to consult on surface water drainage matters.

The guidance and the pro-forma encourage the creation of high-quality SuDS by allowing water quality, amenity and biodiversity as well as water quantity to be properly considered during the design stage and allowing it to be fully integrated into the surface water management and development design process.

The new pro-forma supports and encourages SuDS design in line with The SuDS Manual C753 and the Design and Construction Guidance (DCG) for sewers which became the new regulated sewerage sector guidance on 1 April 2020.

When appropriately designed, eligible SuDS can then be offered for adoption by United Utilities, securing their future maintenance and sustainability.

More information can be found on our “SuDS pro-forma” section of our Planning and Development page here.