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Ground investigations complete for proposed Bolton flood scheme

Posted: 25/11/21

Ground investigation works for a potential flood scheme in Prestolee and Stoneclough have completed

  • The proposed Prestolee and Stoneclough scheme will protect around 80 homes in a community which has historically suffered from flooding.
  • The results of the ground investigations will inform the design and funding decisions for the scheme later this year.

A proposed project to protect Prestolee and Stoneclough from flooding has moved a step forwards this week. Contractors, working with the Environment Agency, have completed vital ground investigation works at sites across Prestolee and Stoneclough. This investigation work is essential to the early stages of the scheme and will allow the Environment Agency, Bolton Council and other partners to anticipate potential issues and plan effectively for future construction. The proposed Prestolee and Stoneclough scheme will protect around 80 homes in a community which has historically suffered from flooding.

Nick Pearson, Senior Flood Risk Advisor with the Environment Agency said:

“These works are an important step in the project. Flood schemes are often major infrastructure projects, requiring extensive design and consultation with local communities. They can take years to deliver but it is so important that we get them right. The results from these investigations will help us to do that, informing the design of the foundations for a future flood scheme.

“We have had a great response already from the community in Prestolee and Stoneclough. Local people and the Flood Action Group have spoken with our teams on a regular basis sharing their knowledge of the area, and their first hand experiences of flooding. This valuable information will help inform our decisions as we look at potential options for a flood scheme. We are also continuing to work with Bolton Council to address all aspects of flooding in the area.”

A spokesperson from Bolton Council said:

“Bolton Council continues to have a regular and constructive dialogue with the Environment Agency and believes that partnership working remains critical to the development and delivery of future flood defence schemes and protection of property in the area.”

Throughout this year the Environment Agency has continued to build and maintain flood defences across Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Cheshire, including projects in Radcliffe and Redvales as well as Rochdale and Littleborough. Investigations also continue into potential schemes at Ramsbottom, Bessy Brook and Irwell Vale.

A record £5.2 billion is being invested between 2021-27, creating around 2,000 new flood and coastal defences to better protect 336,000 properties across England. These schemes will help to avoid £32 billion in wider economic damages and reduce the national flood risk by up to 11 per cent. More than £42 million of this will be spent in 2021-22 boosting the design and construction of more than 50 schemes across Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Cheshire.

Ground Investigation Works


Ground Investigation Works