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Calls by Councillors for Lancashire to be included in the Northern Forest plans

Posted: 16/07/19

As part of the Government’s 25 year plan to improve the environment, proposals have been set out for a new Northern Forest. The boundaries of the proposed forest will stretch along the M6 from Hull to Liverpool and include most local authority areas in historic Yorkshire and Lancashire, but do not include the county of Lancashire. This was noted by Liberal Democrat councillor Tony Greaves to Pendle Council.

If the long-term plan goes ahead, 50 million trees will be planted in and around the cities of Liverpool and Manchester, as well as Leeds, Sheffield and Hull. Bosses at the Woodland Trust believe that the trees could reduce the risk of flooding for up to 190,000 people and create thousands of new jobs.

Pendle Council is in favour of the concept of a new coast to coast Northern Forest including land in both urban and rural areas. However, it would like to see the Northern Forest extended to include Lancashire, especially the Borough of Pendle and adjoining parts of Pennine Lancashire.

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