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Works are due to begin next month to repair storm damage and strengthen the flood resilience of a section of the A685

Posted: 29/08/19

Cumbria County Council is investing approximately £650,000 in surfacing and drainage works as part of the council’s Infrastructure Recovery Programme.

The major engineering work which is due to start next month will be split into three separate phases and will involve repairing damage to a steep slope which supports the A685 west of Grayrigg. The slope was badly damaged when Storm Desmond eroded and washed away the base of the slope, triggering a landslip.

As part of the project, a 200 metre section of Thursgill Beck has been diverted away from the base of the slope which supports the A685 approximately 1km west of Grayrigg village.

Phase two of the project involves work to repair an existing landslip area which supports the A685 above Thursgill Beck. The aim of this phase is to ensure that landslips do not impact the main road between Kendal and Tebay in the future.

As part of the final phase, a 225mm highway drain linked to six new road gullies will be installed to capture rainwater on the carriageway and transfer it down the slope into a soakaway and onto Thursgill Beck.  The aim of this phase is to prevent the slope becoming saturated with runoff and reduce the risk of a future slope failure. A new road surface will be laid along with new kerbs.

There will be some travel disruption whilst the work takes place. More information can be found here.