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Successful Completion of Ravenglass Flood Alleviation Project

Posted: 31/01/24

Cumberland Council is delighted to announce the successful conclusion of the flood alleviation works in Ravenglass, marking a significant milestone in enhancing the resilience of the community to potential flood events.

As the Lead Local Flood Authority (LFA), Cumberland Council, in collaboration with various partners and Risk Management Authorities, has worked towards mitigating the risk of surface water flooding in the Main Street area of Ravenglass.

Securing £45,000 in funding from Defra and the Environment Agency’s Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management (FCERM) Grant in Aid Fund, Cumberland Council has effectively implemented the flood alleviation scheme.

Ravenglass has a history of recurrent flooding, with the most recent major incident occurring in August 2012, affecting 13 properties. More recently, localised surface water flooding has posed access challenges for residents, impacting the main vehicular route to and from the village.

Cumberland Council engaged in collaborative efforts with Risk Management Authorities, project partners, affected residents, and landowners. This included comprehensive information gathering through flood investigations and discussions at local flood forums. Throughout the entire project lifecycle, Cumberland Council maintained regular communication with affected residents and stakeholders.

The surface water flood alleviation scheme targeted minor drainage infrastructure improvements in five key areas of the village. This involved constructing an overflow outfall, improving an existing overflow outfall, repairing, and enhancing tidal flap valves, and introducing manholes and drainage channels.

AE Yates Ltd, acting on behalf of Cumberland Council, successfully completed the construction works in December 2023.

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