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Another giant fatberg has been found in Manchester

Posted: 20/12/19

A monstrous fatberg weighing the same as three elephants has been found under Strangeways.

The giant lump of congealed fat runs all the way from HMP Manchester (formerly known as Strangeways) to Hornby Street. It is so big, that the job of removing it is likely to run into the New Year. It is almost as big as Nelson’s column in Trafalgar Square is wide.


Picture by United Utilities


To remove it, engineers will use specialist jets to blast the fatberg into smaller pieces and begin the task of removing the pieces by hand.

The Consumer Council for Water says water companies spend around £100m every year clearing clogged sewers. United Utilities bosses are asking people to avoid pouring grease down drains this Christmas, as it causes blockages. Fatbergs are formed when fats, oil and grease are poured down sinks and drains. They then merge with other items that shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet like wet wipes, cotton buds, nappies, contact lenses and dental floss.

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