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Work on the Skirting Beck and Whangs Beck Flood Risk Management Scheme continues

Posted: 29/07/20

The Environment Agency is continuing to work on a Flood Risk Management Scheme in Egremont that consists of flood walls and embankments, which will create storage areas for flood water as well as helping to better protect a number of properties through flood resistance measures.

In the original article, Stewart Mounsey, Cumbria’s Flood Risk Manager at the Environment Agency said:

“We have been working really closely with the community of Egremont from the start of the consultation process in order to help reduce the impact of flooding in the future. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all partners involved in this partnership project, it’s great to see this scheme progressing with construction ongoing.

We are looking forward to the completion of the Skirting Beck and Whangs Beck Flood Risk Management Scheme and the benefits this will bring to reduce flood risk.”

Following the approval of the planning application from Copeland Borough Council in October 2019, the Environment Agency have completed works in the Croadalla Avenue area of the town. There has also been the installation of property level protection (PLP) to 43 properties in Croadalla Avenue and Church View. Culvert works have also commenced in this area with piling works completed. The scheme involves the creation of flood storage areas at West Lakes Academy and Falcon Club, Whangs Beck and How Bank, where some enabling works have started, in readiness for the main construction works.

Over the next weeks and months, works will continue to construct flood storage areas and pre-cast units will be installed over the piled wall at West Lakes Academy and the Falcon Club. Improvement works on 16.5 acres of habitat and recreational space will also start, and approximately 800 trees will be planted (five news trees will be planted for every one removed).

Councillors from Copeland Borough Council visited the site on Monday 20th July 2020. Environment Agency project leads Graham Stanger and MBE Glyn Vaughan gave a tour of the scheme and discussed the various elements of the construction.

More information on the scheme can be found in the Skirting Beck and Whangs Beck July Newsletter here.


For additional information and a link to the original article, please click here.