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Regional flood forecasting in Cumbria is set to be improved by the successful deployment of the NCAS mobile X-band weather radar

Posted: 13/11/18

The NCAS-X-band weather radar in Cumbria has been successfully put in place by The National Centre for Atmospheric Science and the Environment Agency. The radar will provide new observations to improve the Environment Agency’s flood forecasting and warning services.

Cumbria is not well observed by the national weather radar network, despite having recent flooding events that have had significant consequences. The NCAS X-band radar will allow researchers to better understand extreme precipitation in the area, and related events like flooding by providing high-resolution coverage of the area. Rainfall in Cumbria is heavily influenced by the mountains and new radar observations will provide much-needed insight into how air flows around mountains, and how rain is formed in these regions. The radar deployment will be useful for both researchers and forecasting professionals.

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