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The Flood Hub’s Business Flood Resilience Focus Week

Posted: 30/04/24

During 13th – 17th May, The Flood Hub is running their ‘Business Flood Resilience Focus Week’.

This focus week will run alongside ‘Business Continuity and Resilience Awareness Week 2024’ which highlights the importance of business resilience and business continuity. The Flood Hub will be sharing flood resilience advice, tips and resources on how business owners can increase their resilience to flooding from our social media pages:

We would greatly appreciate your support during this campaign by following @TheFloodHub on X, Facebook and LinkedIn, and joining in by posting or sharing any of our posts during the focus week.

Please join in by using our campaign graphic and sample social media posts which can be downloaded here:


From the 13th May, @TheFloodHub are hosting their #Business #FloodResilience Focus Week🏪💻

They will be discussing how you can increase your business’ resilience to #flooding💧

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Next Week is #BusinessContinuityAwarenessWeek🛒@TheFloodHub will be running their #Business #FloodResilience Focus Week alongside💧.

Follow their LinkedIn, Facebook & X pages @thefloodhub for tips, guides and advice on #FloodRisk, #FloodPlanning, #FloodInsurance and #PropertyFloodResilience💧

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They are sharing resources, advice and quick steps on how to have a resilient business💧 Follow on Facebook, LinkedIn & X @thefloodhub

Next week, @TheFloodHub are hosting their #Business #FloodResilience Focus Week 🏪 which will look at how you can increase your business’ resilience to #flooding and other emergencies💧.

Look out for tips, guides and advice on #FloodRisk, #FloodPlanning, #FloodInsurance and #PropertyFloodResilience for your business💧