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£18.5 million flood scheme complete in Egremont

Posted: 04/01/23

Environment Agency Press Release: 09.12.2022

The Environment Agency has completed work on a flood scheme in Egremont

  • An event on the 9th of December saw MP Trudy Harrison officially open the scheme.
  • The scheme reduces the flood risk to 220 properties.

The Skirting Beck and Whangs Beck Flood Risk Management Scheme in Egremont is now complete.

The scheme was formally opened on the 9th of December by MP for Copeland, Trudy Harrison, in an official ribbon cutting event, attended by the key members of the community, councillors, schools and partners who helped to bring the scheme to completion. The Environment Agency’s new chair, Alan Lovell was also present.

The new scheme has involved constructing flood storage areas, with flood walls and flood embankments, at West Lakes Academy, the Falcon Club, How Bank Farm and at Whangs Beck. Culvert, which are underground watercourses improvements also happened at Croadalla Avenue on Skirting Beck. Property resistance measures having also been delivered to 36 properties across the town. Property resilience measures are undertaken inside a property to reduce damage caused by floodwaters.

As well as reducing flood risk, at least 600 trees have been planted as part of this scheme and 16.5 acres of habitat improvement works have been created in the area of Black Beck. This brings benefits to the local environment and the local community through improvements such as educational ponds for use by local school children.

Sustainable Drainage Systems will also be delivered at various locations across Egremont by Cumbria County Council with Environment Agency funding. Sustainable Drainage Systems are a natural approach to managing drainage in and around properties.

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