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Your Regional Flood and Coastal Committee needs you

Posted: 21/11/22

The RFCC independent member recruitment campaign is now live.

Please click here to access information on the roles available, which RFCCs are recruiting and find out first hand what it’s like to be a Committee Member.

As an independent member of a Committee you will be able to:

  • Approve the programmes of work that help better protect the homes and livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of people across the country
  • Help create local partnerships to pay for, build and manage the projects in these programmes
  • Make sure the EA can adapt to our changing climate by making communities more resilient and able to adapt to the challenges

Adrian Lythgo, Chair of the North West RFCC, has summed it up brilliantly:

“RFCCs are at the heart of influencing local priorities for flood and coastal risk management. They couldn’t do this without the skills, insight and experience of their members.

As a member you have the chance to influence the choices and decisions made about flooding and coastal erosion in your local community. This ranges from influencing plans for engineered flood and coastal defences that protect thousands of properties, through to nature-based solutions and property flood resilience. Together, these help communities to better prepared for flooding when it happens as well as achieving wider benefits for local areas.

The risks and challenges faced by each local community vary tremendously. It is really important that the membership of the committees reflects the diversity of the communities in the region.

If you are interested please do apply.”

Click here to read more information

Click here to visit the NWRFCC page