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DEFRA calling for evidence on Flooding and Coastal Erosion

Posted: 18/07/19

Defra is asking for evidence which focuses on some specific flood and coastal erosion policy questions that the government would like addition evidence on. Due to climate change and population growth, the risk of flooding and coastal erosion over the coming decades will increase. Therefore, DEFRA have opened this consultation to ensure that they can continue to manage these risks effectively. By the end of 2019, the government will set out its policy direction to better prepare the country for the future increasing threats of flooding and coastal erosion.

This call for evidence by DEFRA is an opportunity for the public to provide evidence which will inform some specific aspects of government policy on flooding and erosion and influence the development of the government policy statement on flooding and coastal erosion.

The consultations is running until the 19th August 2019, for more information and to have your say, please click here.