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Help Callum: A New Flood Digital Engagement Tool

Posted: 30/09/20

Over the last few months the Environment Agency, Lancaster University and the University of Hull have been working together on a new flood digital engagement tool; Help Callum. This immersive 360 video uses virtual scenes to give the viewer a child’s-eye view of flooding. Based on real testimony (from Lancaster University’s Flood Archive), Callum tells the story of how his family’s home was flooded one day, and the not-so-easy road to recovery that followed. Callum had to deal with many challenges throughout the process – he wants to ask you, how will you help him?

While this virtual reality video provides a child’s perspective, it is aimed at promoting flood risk awareness among all age groups. Viewers are asked to think how they would ‘help Callum’ with the different challenges he faces, opening up discussion about the nature of flood risk and the complexities of recovery.

You can access the video via the YouTube link here: For the best experience please access on a mobile device via the YouTube App. If you have a cardboard virtual reality headset this will give you the full immersive experience!