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The Storm Names for 2020-21 have been revealed

Posted: 02/09/20

The Met Office along with partners Met Éireann and KNMI have revealed the list of storm names for the UK, Ireland and Netherlands for the next season.

Six years ago, the Name our Storms collaboration was set up to help raise awareness of the potential impacts of severe weather before it arrives. As with other years, the list of 2020/21 names have been suggested by the public along with names that reflect the diversity of the three nations.

From 1st September, the first storm to impact the UK, Ireland and/or the Netherlands will be named ‘Aiden’, while the second storm will be ‘Bella’. As in previous years, Q, U, X, Y and Z will not be used, to comply with the international storm naming conventions. The names for the 2020/21 Storm season are as follows:



In 2019, the Met Office and Met Éireann welcomed KMNI – the national weather forecasting service in the Netherlands – to the west Europe Group. Other European countries to name impactful storms include France, Spain and Portugal in south-west Europe and Sweden, Norway and Denmark in northern Europe.

To find out more about Name our Storms you can visit the Met Office Storm Centre website.

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