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Lancaster City Council have approved funding for the £10million flood defence scheme along Caton Road.

Posted: 22/01/19

Lancaster City Council have contributed £850,000 for  flood defences on the River Lune designed to protect  one of Lancasters most important commercial areas, which will help to safeguard more than 2000 jobs and contribute £37.3million to the local economy.

The Caton Road area was badly hit by Storm Desmond in 2015 and the plans for the 2.7km wall were passed in December. Since then, the council have been working hard to raise the £10million required for the scheme. The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) has pledged £3.85million to the scheme which will include works at Lancaster Golf Course to reduce surface water flooding in Caton Road. Furthermore, the Environment Agency has pledged £4.587m, £465,000 has been approved in principle from businesses and a further £279,000 from business which is “to be confirmed”. The remaining £847,000 will be provided by the council.

For further information on the scheme, click here.