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Sample flood wall panels now installed in Kendal

Posted: 11/11/20

Press release from the Environment Agency

  • Environment Agency and contractors, VBA finish installing sample flood panels
  • Sample flood panels will remain in place throughout the construction of the flood scheme

The construction of sample flood wall panels at Little Aynam in Kendal is now complete. The sample flood wall panels have been installed for the residents of Kendal to visualise what the final £76 million Flood Risk Management Scheme will be like. The flood scheme, when complete, will reduce the risk of flooding to 1,480 homes and 1,100 local businesses across the River Kent catchment.

The installation of these sample flood wall panels was a requirement of the planning conditions set by South Lakeland District Council and the panels will remain onsite throughout the construction of the flood scheme.

Stewart Mounsey for the Environment Agency said:

“Residents in Kendal are now able to visit the Litte Aynam area to see the different flood wall finishes to get a feel for how the flood defences will look once phase one of the Flood Risk Management Scheme is complete.

“Ground investigation and data gathering works will be continuing in Kendal over the coming weeks, with all work being undertaken in line with government guidance.

“More information on the Kendal Flood Scheme can be found on The Flood Hub



Sample flood wall panels


Information board – Example of flood wall finishes