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United Utilities works with housing developers to boost sustainable drainage levels in the region

Posted: 06/06/23

United Utilities Press Release: 26.5.2023

The first two SuDS systems adopted by United Utilities were built by Story Homes at developments in Carlisle and Wetheral, followed by a third system developed by Wrenman Strategic Land in Lancaster.

All three feature solutions which store excess rainwater and allow it to soakaway naturally. As well as creating attractive green spaces, these also help increase local biodiversity.

Graham Parker, Head of Technical for Cumbria and Scotland at Story Homes explained: “We have created numerous SuDS schemes in the past so when we heard that United Utilities were keen to explore early adoption, we were keen to jump on board to work with them.

“As well as providing a good solution for dealing with surface water and relieving pressure on the sewer network, they also create a good environment for customers as they provide nice open green spaces for residents to enjoy, not to mention the boost to the local ecology.”

Warren Cadman, Managing Director of Wrenman Strategic Land added: “We see SuDs as a key strategy to mitigate the risks of climate change and improve the resilience of developments to flooding and other environmental hazards.

“As the developers of one of the first sites in the North West to progress to adoption of our sustainable urban drainage scheme, our experience demonstrates that the early assessment of surface water management needs is crucial in the identification and promotion of strategic land opportunities for residential and mixed-use development.”

“We look forward to continuing our relationship with United Utilities and support the need for investigation of surface water management requirements into early phase land development plans.”

United Utilities continues to offer a 90% reduction in infrastructure charges for properties that do not connect surface water drains to existing sewers.

A short film about the project has been produced and can be found here.

United Utilities has also awarded £1.5m to increase sustainable drainage levels at schools across the North West through its Water for Schools programme.