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Update on 3 flood projects undertaken after Storm Christoph

Posted: 24/01/22

Warrington Borough Council has provided updates on three projects which have been undertaken to keep residents and businesses safe following the floods in January 2021.

Work commenced in Dallam, Lymm and in the Sankey Brook area to minimise the impact of potential future flooding over the past year.

Here is where each scheme is up to, one year on from the floods caused by Storm Christoph, and what they are designed to do.


Dallam Brook pumping station

Following repeated flood events in the Densham Avenue area of Longford, a project was developed to mitigate or reduce the future risk of flooding.

The scheme was designed and delivered by the council, but required significant funding contributions from United Utilities and the Environment Agency as key partners.

The project involved the demolition of the previous drainage system outfall into Dallam Brook and the construction of a new pumping station.

Three new pumps have been installed to help discharge water from the drainage system into Dallam Brook when water levels within the brook are high.

The new pumping station will reduce the risk of flooding and will make a big difference to residents of Longford – particularly those who live in the Densham Avenue, Gough Avenue and Northway areas, who have faced flooding issues for many years.


Reddish Lane, Lymm

The council has recently completed a project to reduce the risk of flooding to properties in the Reddish Lane area of Lymm.

The council undertook extensive, complex drainage and surface water studies to help design the right solution.

Residents and landowners also played a significant part in the development of the project, which will help reduce the risk of future flooding in the area.

The £258,000 scheme at Reddish Lane, funded by the Environment Agency, involved installing a large diameter piped drainage system to replace the existing open watercourse.

The area to the rear of the properties is also now closed off, following the construction of a partition wall.

This will control the flow of water from the watercourse and prevent other natural flow paths from flooding the area.


Sankey Brook

At Sankey Brook, Dallam Brook and Longford Brook, the Environment Agency is currently planning a Flood Risk Management Scheme that will protect 580 homes and businesses on completion.

Flood risk in these areas comes from a variety of sources, and work on this project will be carried out closely with community and key partners including the council and United Utilities.

The scheme is currently at the appraisal stage, where the preferred or final option will be determined.

There are a number of potential flood risk measures that are being considered, including flood defences such as walls and embankments, flood water storage areas to improve the flow in the river and modifications to the tidal barrage on Longford Brook.

They also feature work to reduce the risk of surface water flooding and natural flood management, where natural processes are used to reduce the risk of flooding.

Environmental benefits are also being considered throughout the development of the scheme to ensure it enhances the environment.

This includes creating new habitats and improving recreational and amenity areas for the local community.

A Sankey Brook Flood Hub web page has been set up which provides a scheme overview, and this will be continually updated via

The current scheme forecast shows that planning permission will be secured towards the end of 2023, and construction for the proposed scheme will begin in 2024.

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