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CIWEM free training: An introduction to Flood Risk and Resilience

Posted: 02/09/21

The information in this article is about the free CIWEM course – ‘An Introduction to Flood Risk and Resilience’ and a link to the CIWEM webpage can be found here.


Course Overview

Working with partners – the Environment AgencyHR WallingfordJacobsVolkerStevin and CIWEM – Brunel University London has created the Centre for Flood Risk and Resilience which aims to generate skills and knowledge in key stakeholders of flood risk and resilience, and thereby support the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy. Together they have created an online eLearning module which has been specifically designed for new entrants to the water sector. It will be of interest whatever discipline or department you work in or whatever your background, whether you work in a water company itself, a consultancy servicing the sector or another organisation that is actively engaged with, or dealing with, flood risk and resilience.

The focus of this module is on a general description and overview that demonstrates the way in which flooding can occur and how to mitigate the risk it poses. The technical content of this module is limited to only that which is required to appreciate the risk of flooding to a range of receptors and stakeholders.


Key Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this online learning module, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the water cycle and excesses of water
  • Identify key areas and main sources of flooding
  • Explain how flood risk is assessed, with knowledge of how certain tools and data are used to describe flood risk
  • Describe examples of the impacts and consequences of flood risk to a range of receptors
  • Understand the concepts of resistance and resilience and how they apply to flood risk
  • Compare stakeholder perspectives in flood risk management


Course Delivery and Duration

This module has a learning time equivalent to 10 hours and the study mode is self-paced. You will have four months access to the Online Learning Platform. Assessment – Five sets of multiple-choice questions, pass mark 80%. Award – CIWEM accredited Brunel University London CPD Certificate.