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Cumbrian village receives 150 water butts

Posted: 14/05/24

Article by United Utilities: 14.05.2024

Residents in a small Cumbrian village are helping to play their part in improving water quality in the River Gowan and River Kent, by installing water butts on their properties.

Villagers in Staveley have received 150 water butts from United Utilities as part of its wider plans to improve the sewer network in the area.

The modified, slow-release water butts automatically release rainwater into the drains when the level reaches a pre-determined point. This allows for a slower flow of rainwater into the sewer network to help it from becoming overwhelmed, while freeing up capacity in the water butt for future rain events.

It follows on from 10 SuDSPods, specialised planters with integrated rainwater storage, being installed at the village hall and pavilion earlier this year.

As a short term solution, the company is also working to increase the capacity of its wastewater treatment works by 50% by September so it will be able to treat more sewage and reduce the number of times the storm overflow operates. Further investment is also planned at the treatment works in the coming years to further reduce spills and sewer flooding in the village.

A full survey of the sewer network is being undertaken to understand its condition and see what improvements can be made.  The company is also working in partnership with Westmorland and Furness Council to identify where surface water connections could be removed from the network.

The water company will be keeping the local community updated as the projects progress.

United Utilities is proposing to invest £914m to make improvements at 158 storm overflows across Cumbria by 2030. Work has already started at some of the highest priority sites in the region.

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