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The Environment Agency have launched new flood warning services in Coniston, Caton, Worthington and Atherton

Posted: 24/05/21

On 19 May 2021 four new flood warning services were launched in Coniston (Cumbria) Caton (Lancashire), and Worthington and Atherton (Greater Manchester).

This work is part of a national Environment Agency project to expand flood warnings to previously hard to reach communities.

If you live in Coniston, Caton, Worthington or Atherton please read the Environment Agency’s useful guide to the new flood warning service: Flood Warning Expansion Project Fact Sheet.

Flood Warnings tell people about an imminent risk of flooding to their home or business and help people make informed decisions about how to respond. There are three types of warning – Flood Alert, Flood Warning and Severe Flood Warning.

Know what to do when you receive a flood warning and download this flood plan –



To sign up to the new flood warning service please visit: or call Floodline on 0345 988 1188.

You can also check your long term flood risk at



The locations of the new flood warning services

The Environment Agency has announced that they’ll be offering new flood warning services to properties at risk of flooding from:

  • Church Beck and Yewdale Beck at Coniston


  • The River Lune at Caton


  • The River Douglas at Worthington (Standish)


  • Collier Brook at Atherton