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A DEFRA consultation has been opened regarding the improvement of the management of water in the environment

Posted: 15/01/19

In the last few years, DEFRA have seen a significant improvement in the water environment and in resilience to flood and drought and have opened a consultation regarding the improvement of management of water in the environment. From 2015 to 2021, the Government is investing £2.6 billion for flood and coastal defence projects and so far, 147,000 homes are better protected.

DEFRA aim to achieve their commitments of providing clean and plentiful water and reducing the risks of harm from environmental hazards, as set out in ‘A Green Future: Our 25 Year Plan to Improve the Environment. DEFRA aim to restore many waters be to as close to their natural state as possible and to improve water and flood resilience. The combination of climate change and population growth will make these challenges even harder.

The Environment Agency have consulted on the approach to the next round of river basin management plans to determine how DEFRA can meet their target for the water environment. Water companies are planning to invest £50 billion over the next five years, some of which will be used to increase flood and drought resilience.

The consultation has been opened to help modernise regulation to enable long-term planning and give regulators the power to improve the water environment and water services.

The consultation closes on the 12th March 2019. For more information and to have your say, click here.