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Summary of consultation responses and decisions: Flood risk activity permitting: standard rules consultation

Posted: 08/04/19

The Environment Agency held a consultation from the 16th November 2018 until the 11th January 2019 on the proposals for new and amended standard rules for flood risk activities. The consultation was part of a review of their charges for regulatory work and aimed to assess what changes could be made to process more permit applications with the standard rules route.

More information on the consultation can be found here.

The Environment Agency have published a summary of the responses and decisions following the consultation. The key findings included:

  • The large majority agreed with the Environment Agency’s proposed amendments to the separation distances between the activity and a protected sites.
  • The support for the new standard rules was not unanimous. Comments suggested that the consultation responders may not be bale to undertake the activities proposed in the new standard rules.
    • 15% of responders stated they would be likely to use the water gate standard rule.
    • 23% of responders stated that they would be likely to use the mooring pile standard rule.
    • 31% of repsonders stated that they would be likely to use the steps, ramps and other similar structures excavated into the existing bank profile standard rule.


For more information, click here to view the summary of consultation responses and decisions.