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Cockermouth Company unveils their new multi million pound flood defences

Posted: 22/07/19

James Walker and Co, is one of Cumbria’s largest employers with more than 400 employees and in 2009 and 2015, the company was left underwater by flooding. However, the company can now go ahead with multi million pound expansion plans and create new jobs as the factory unveils new flood protection measures.

In 2015, Storm Desmond brought record breaking rainfall and flooded large parts of Cumbria including, Cockermouth. It caused widespread disruption throughout the town, causing significant disruption for local residents and businesses.

The company has now invested in a state of the art flood defence system that will safeguard its site and secure the jobs of its existing workforce, as well as the possibility of creating 30 jobs in the coming years.

The flood protection plan includes:

  • A flood wall around the firm’s production buildings made from sheet piling.
  • Automated floodgates built-in for the main vehicle access points and several pedestrian floodgates at key access points.
  • Two high-volume pumping stations with a capacity to pump over 21,000 litres of water per minute.


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