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New updates to the Environment Agency’s long term flood risk information

Posted: 27/01/20

The Environment Agency updated its long term flood risk information earlier in the month, making the site easier to navigate following user feedback. It is the service that allows users to check their flood risk and take action if they need to.

Defra’s Surface Water Management Action Plan set out the need for the Environment Agency to provide a better journey for its customers, and so this has been taken forward under the Boosting Action on Surface Water project, which is live until March.

The main improvements are:

  • You can find out more detailed information about the responsibility for different sources of flooding.
  • The service is simpler to navigate and more accessible.
  • All actions that users may need are presented in one page.
  • More detailed information on flood risks where you live.

The Environment Agency will also be making the following changes in early February:

  • They will let users know if there is wider information available from LLFAs about their surface water flood risk that is not compatible with our surface water maps.
  • New capabilities for Environment Agency Area teams to provide a temporary comment for small areas between the regular data updates.


To take a look yourself, click here: