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Work on the £25million flood defences has begun in Carlisle

Posted: 31/07/19

The Environment Agency has started work on the £25million flood scheme, three and a half years after Storm Desmond caused devastation across Carlisle. The scheme will protect 1600 homes and businesses from flooding across the city once it’s complete.

Phase one will focus on the Warwick Road area, which was one of the worst affected areas during the flooding of Storm Desmond. The Environment Agency will build flood defences at Melbourne Park and raise land at the entrance to Tesco at the junction off Warwick Road. Work will also be carried out on Botcherby Bridge to improve the flow of water, some residents believe it contributed to the flooding as it acted a as a dam.

The first phase of the scheme is thought to cost £8million and reduce the risk of flooding to more than 1200 homes and 100 businesses. It is expected to provide better protection than the previous scheme which was completed in 2005 and will protect against a 0.5% chance of flooding in any one year.

This phase of work will also including enhancing habitats in Melbourne Park and improving recreation facilities, including new park benches and entrance features. The Environment Agency will also be planting wildflower meadows to boost populations of native birds, amphibians, small mammals and pollinators, such as bees.

A planning application for the further phases will be submitted in winter 2019 and the whole scheme is due to be completed by 2021.

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