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Kendal Community Art Integration

The Environment Agency is delivering a proposed Flood Risk Management Scheme to better protect homes and business from flooding in the Kent catchment, and improve the local environment and community amenities. Kendal is the first area to be delivered, followed by Burneside, Staveley, and Ings, and upstream measures including flood storage. In addition, Natural Flood Management measures are being integrated into the plans which aim to slow the flow of water and provide wider environmental benefits across the catchment.


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The aim of the Kendal Flood Risk Management Scheme is to not only protect people and properties from flooding, but to create a lasting benefit for the community and the local environment. The Environment Agency plan to enhance the river corridor throughout the extent of the scheme through extensive landscaping, planting, and integrating a number of art features.

The Environment Agency will deliver art inspired by both Kendal’s heritage and Kendal’s future as a sustainable, vibrant, thriving town, where the river has shaped the landscape over time and will continue to do so into the future.  The Environment Agency want to capture Kendal’s river history and memories of old to ensure this is never lost, whilst providing elements of new discovery, play and adventure through improved educational and recreational riverside spaces.