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Natural Flood Management

The Environment Agency is delivering a proposed Flood Risk Management Scheme to better protect homes and business from flooding in the Kent catchment, and improve the local environment and community amenities. Kendal is the first area to be delivered, followed by Burneside, Staveley, and Ings, and upstream measures including flood storage. In addition, Natural Flood Management measures are being integrated into the plans which aim to slow the flow of water and provide wider environmental benefits across the catchment.


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Flood Management (NFM) involves using various techniques to restore or mimic natural functions of rivers, floodplains and the wider catchment. It aims to store water in the catchment and slow the rate at which water runs off the landscape into rivers, to help reduce flood risk to communities downstream. NFM can also be referred to as ‘working with natural processes’, ‘slow the flow’, ‘sustainable land management’ or ‘upstream management’.

NFM measures will be complimentary to the linear defences and the proposed upstream storage. For more information on the NFM and proposed upstream storage measures being delivered in the Upper Kent catchment as part of the scheme, click here.

The Environment Agency working with Lancaster University are undertaking a number of pilot projects which includes a pilot in the Kent catchment to evaluate the effectiveness of nature based flood mitigation. Watch the video below to find out more.


To find out more about the catchment pilots and the project aims and objectives, click here.