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The Flood Hub’s KS2 Climate Change Education Package Feedback Form

Following the download and use of the content, we would greatly appreciate if you could fill in our feedback form about our brand new KS2 Climate Change Education Package.

We would like to know how useful you find it and then we will use your feedback to improve our content going forward. There is a free text box at the end where you can provide any positive comments or constructive feedback if you wish.

KS2 Climate Change Lessons

4 Lessons all about the climate, weather and climate change.

The Flood Team at Newground have developed a second education package containing a number of lessons and resources for schools and young people, which launched in February 2023.

The lessons aim to increase young people’s knowledge on climate change and are pitched at KS2 level (ages 7 to 11), although a lot of the material included can be adapted for other key stage levels.

Each lesson pack contains a PowerPoint lesson, a lesson plan with teacher’s notes, and resources such as worksheets or instructions which may be required for in-class exercises or homework.

Our other KS2 education package all about flooding can be found here.