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Links to Other Learning Resources

Browse through the various activities and educational resources below pitched at a range of ages, including those aimed at KS2, KS3, KS4 and KS5 level.


Cumbria Wildlife Trust Slow The Flow film series – Click here

Watch these four short films, produced by the Environment Agency, explaining how we can slow the flow and help defend our communities from flood water.

Farmland – a natural solution to climate change.

Peatland – a natural solution to climate change.

Floodplains – a natural solution to climate change.

Rivers – a natural solution to climate change.

Geography Southwest Fieldwork Resources – Click here

Geography Southwest is a collaborative resource hub for students and teachers created by enthusiastic Geographers. There are articles, resources, and fieldwork site examples suitable for all ages, from investigating microclimates on school grounds to coastal fieldwork examples.


Save the Children & Lancaster University. Children, Young People and Flooding: Recovery and Resilience – Click here

A group of 30 children between the ages of 6 and 15 expressed their experience of flooding and the impact it had on their lives through the event and the recovery process. They discuss the feelings of fear and anxiety they experienced through the disruption. The research project also investigates what can be done to better support children and young people to prepare for a flood, during a flood event and supporting them if they’ve been affected by flooding.


Rochdale Borough Council – Climate Conversations – Think global, act local – part one – click here

Rochdale Borough Council have produced a short video which highlights some of the effects of climate change, including extreme weather and flooding. It also shows how Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) can be used to help manage the amount of waste water from your property and reduce the risk of flooding.