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Padiham Flood Risk Management Scheme

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Padiham is a small town in the Borough of Burnley, Lancashire. It is situated alongside the River Calder and a smaller watercourse, Green Brook. Padiham flooded significantly on 26 December 2015 when the River Calder reached a record water level of 3.45m at the river gauge by the Station Road Bridge. 149 properties were reported as flooded.

Flooding again occurred on 9 February 2020 during Storm Ciara. Water levels on the River Calder were lower than in 2015 (2.9m) and property level resilience (e.g. floodgates) have been installed on buildings since the last floods. The flooding in Padiham causes significant impacts to residential homes, businesses, public buildings and infrastructure in the town.

Padiham Bridge over River Calder