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Ribchester Flood Risk Management Community Update

Information on this page has been provided by the Environment Agency and was correct at the time of upload. The Flood Hub is not responsible for any information held on this page. For any enquiries, see the Contact section of the page.


Ribchester is a village in the Ribble Valley, Lancashire. Ribchester is at risk of flooding from the River Ribble, Boyce’s Brook and Duddel Brook – as well as small areas of surface water. The village flooded in 1998, 2000, 2011, 2012, 2015 and 2020.

Throughout December 2015, 35 properties were reported to have flooded from a combination of the River Ribble and two other watercourses in the village, Boyce’s Brook and Duddel Brook.

On 9 February 2020, it is estimated that 12 properties flooded from the River Ribble, Boyce’s Brook and Duddel Brook. The recorded rainfall and extreme height that the River Ribble eventually reached were not forecast in the lead-up to the event. Consequently the temporary defences for Ribchester were unfortunately not deployed during this event.

On 1 November 2020, it is currently estimated that 2 properties flooded from Boyce’s Brook backing up due to a blockage in the river and 1 property from surface water.


Flood risk in Ribchester