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Artificial Grass; Kick it to the Kerb

Reasons to Say No to Artificial Grass

  1. Restricts access to the soil for wildlife, destroying habitats and feeding grounds.
  2. Restricts access to organic matter which is essential for healthy soil.
  3. Can soar to dangerously high temperatures during the summer months, making it unsafe for people and pets.
  4. Contributes to global warming by absorbing more radiation than real grass and by removing plants which absorb carbon dioxide through photosynthesis.
  5. Has a large carbon footprint associated with manufacturing, transportation, and installation.
  6. Requires soil to be replaced with sand to create a foundation for artificial grass which contributes to the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which was previously stored in the earth.
  7. Causes an increase in surface run off after rainfall which contributes to flooding and microplastic pollution.
  8. Very difficult to recycle which can only be done at specialist plants after a specific cleaning process.
  9. It is not maintenance free. It still needs to be cleaned of litter and moss growth, washed with harmful chemicals, and even hoovered!

Tip: Let your lawn grow longer to create a more naturalistic look, create habitats for nature, and reduce maintenance. Reseed your lawn with low maintenance alternatives such as wildflowers, clover, and chamomile.



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*The information on this page has been provided by the Environment Agency.