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Upper Kent: Events

Burneside, Staveley, Ings and Upstream Measures

The Environment Agency is delivering a proposed Flood Risk Management Scheme to better protect homes and businesses from flooding in the Kent catchment, and improve the local environment and community amenities. Kendal is the first area to be delivered, followed by Burneside, Staveley, and Ings, and upstream measures including flood storage. In addition, Natural Flood Management measures are being integrated into the plans which aim to slow the flow of water and provide wider environmental benefits across the catchment.


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Free Soil health workshops for Upper Kent catchment farms and land managers on 9th and 10th November 2023

Sustainable farming expert, Niels Corfield will talk about the fundamentals of soil health and how your most precious resource can be managed to provide increased resilience and improve your bottom line. Practical guidance will be given on how to improve farm system efficiency.  For more information visit the two links below.

9th Novemberclick here

10th Novemberclick here