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Hindley Proposed Flood Risk Management Scheme

The proposed schemes on these pages are currently still in the appraisal stage meaning funding has not been secured. There is therefore no guarantee that these schemes will secure funding and progress to a completed flood scheme. For more information on how Flood Risk Management Schemes are funded and delivered, please visit our dedicated page here.


Information on this page has been provided by the Environment Agency and was correct at the time of upload. The Flood Hub is not responsible for any information held on this page.


The Environment Agency are currently investigating and developing options to reduce flood risk from Borsdane Brook in the Hindley and Platt Bridge area. They will be keeping local communities up to date with progress and will update The Flood Hub with the latest information.

Read more on how Flood Risk Management Schemes are funded and delivered here.

Borsdane Brook flowing though Borsdane Woods, upstream of Hindley