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Team Excellence and Awards

The Environment Agency is delivering a proposed Flood Risk Management Scheme to better protect homes and business from flooding in the Kent catchment, and improve the local environment and community amenities. Kendal is the first area to be delivered, followed by Burneside, Staveley, and Ings, and upstream measures including flood storage. In addition, Natural Flood Management measures are being integrated into the plans which aim to slow the flow of water and provide wider environmental benefits across the catchment. Information on the Kendal pages has been provided by the Environment Agency and was correct at the time of upload. The Flood Hub is not responsible for any information held on the Kendal pages. For any enquiries, see the Contact section of the page.

Team Excellence

The Environment Agency are striving to deliver a flood scheme for the community of Kendal that is of an exceptional standard, whilst also ensuring it is delivered using skills, resources and materials that are local to the area.

By keeping it local, the Environment Agency and contractor VolkerStevin provide local people the opportunity to work as part of a diverse team, creating betterment for the community, reducing flood risk and improving the riverside environment through the town.  It also importantly invests in the local economy and reduces the carbon footprint.

53%* of the workforce are local to Kendal, bringing local skills and craftmanship to the project.  Delivering a scheme in the heart of a community within a sensitive environment is complex and requires knowledge, expertise and a careful approach.  The skilled team of over 80 people* bring a depth of experience drawing together teams of designers, planning and permitting advisors, environmental specialists, engineers, legal and estates services, progamme managers, specialist plant operators and construction operatives building the scheme.

*figures quoted for the last 6 months


Meet some of the team

Steve – Environment Agency Senior Archaeologist and Historic Environment Advisor


Becca – Volkerstevin Customer Experience Coordinator


Stephen – General Construction Operations


Dan – Lowther Forestry


Jack – Volkerstevin Civil Engineer


Bob – Artist


Jo – Wardell Armstrong Project Archaeologist 


Stuart – Volkerstevin Operative


Rebecca – Volkerstevin Site Engineer


Luke – Volkerstevin Apprentice Quantity Surveyor


Wayne – Bullens Plant Operator



Working to the highest standard

The works being delivered in Kendal are registered within the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS). The CCS are a not-for-profit, independently managed organisation that supports and guides positive change in the construction industry. They believe the industry must be underpinned by high standards, external accountability and public trust for the benefit of all. The Scheme is voluntary and those registered with it make a commitment to conform to the Code and work to raise their standards above and beyond it.

A Code of Considerate Practice helps drive better conduct and higher standards across the construction industry. The Code describes how construction teams can operate more responsibly and respectfully. Using practical and attainable guidelines, those running a construction site can make informed choices that help improve their standards and lessen their overall impact on the communities around them.

The code focuses on three key areas;

  • Respecting the community
  • Caring for the environment
  • Valuing the workforce

It is vitally important that the Kendal project is delivered to the highest standard and the Environment Agency have welcomed being part of this Scheme.


Considerate Constructor Awards

The Kendal Flood Risk Management Scheme has been registered with CCS since construction began in February 2020 and has been highly commended. Audited twice yearly, projects are reviewed and marked against the above criteria. The Kendal project has been audited four times and been rated Excellent after each visit.


Considerate Constructor Audit Results


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