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Low Crosby Engagement Pack

This Engagement Pack has been provided by the Environment Agency and relates to the Low Crosby Flood Risk Management Scheme. For more information on the scheme, click here.


Low Crosby has suffered from several flooding events, including Storm Desmond in 2015. As a result, the Environment Agency (EA) have been looking at options to address this risk of flooding. They have undertaken an assessment of various options and this engagement pack presents the outcome of this assessment alongside a general project update. This pack will look to explain why the embankment re-profile at Warwick Holme has been selected to be the chosen flood risk management option.

The Environment Agency are continuing to work under extraordinary circumstances during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their key priorities are: to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of their staff, public, businesses, and partners they work with. For this reason, and in line with Government guidelines, they are not consulting or engaging face-to-face until it is safe to do so, instead they have included all the relevant information in this engagement pack.



The village of Low Crosby is subject to flood risk, primarily from the River Eden, and it has suffered flooding on multiple occasions historically. The village has flooded due to high flows in the River Eden in January 2005, November 2009, December 2015 and most recently, February 2020. The flood map below and the accompanying aerial photo, show the extent of flooding caused by Storm Desmond. The last (Eastern) defence scheme for the Village was developed in 2009 and was in response to the 2005 flooding. At the time it was stated that a whole village scheme did not generate a cost benefit analysis strong enough, for the whole village, using the funding criteria.

High water levels in the River Eden during an extreme storm event causes an additional issue in that it stops the Willow Beck from discharging flows into the River Eden and therefore, causes increased water levels in the beck.

Fig. 1: Storm Desmond (2015) flood extent.


Fig. 2: Aerial photograph of the Storm Desmond flood extents with key locations highlighted.