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North West Coastline


The North West North Wales Coastal Group is one of six Coastal Group’s in England. It is a strategic partnership focused on developing a long-term sustainable vision for the North West coast by encouraging proactive management and pooling of resources across the region. The Coastal Group is formed of local authorities, the Environment Agency, Natural England and other organisations that work together to oversee the strategic management of the coastline from Great Ormes Head in Wales up to the Scottish border. The Group works closely with and reports to the North West Regional Flood and Coastal Committee to contribute coastal expertise and inform flood and coastal erosion risk management programmes.

The coastline is a dynamic, ever-changing place that is home to many people and businesses, as well as being important for its variety of environmental and geologic features. The Group examines the social, economic and environmental issues that arise on the coastline and seeks to find the best policies to deal with those issues.


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Image: The Environment Agency – Sea Wall at Blackpool