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Irwell Vale, Strongstry and Chatterton Flood Risk Management Scheme (not currently progressing)

This scheme can’t be progressed at the current time due to constraints. However, information about the works which were carried out is available to view in the ‘Historical Information’ section below. This page acts as an archive of information for the scheme. For more information on how Flood Risk Management Schemes are funded and delivered, please visit our dedicated page here.


Information on this page has been provided by the Environment Agency and was correct at the time of upload. The Flood Hub is not responsible for any information held on this page.

Scheme Overview

Update Winter 2023 – The proposed Irwell Vale, Strongstry and Chatterton Flood Risk Management Scheme has been going through its appraisal in line with government guidance leading up to Outline Business Case (OBC) submission. Unfortunately, due to a significant gap of c.£9m in available funding, a decision has been made to halt the scheme. The Environment Agency and its partners understand this is extremely disappointing to all those involved in the scheme and in particular, the local residents of all three communities.

The Environment Agency appraised the flood protection options for the 3 communities. The appraisal consisted of the evaluation of a long list of options, community engagement, identification of the preferred option being ‘linear defences’, refinement of the preferred option including the identification of associated constraints and opportunities, and site surveys and investigations.

The Preferred option (linear defences) was determined by taking into consideration technical feasibility, cost, economic benefit, buildability and environmental impacts. The surveys included Heritage surveys, Environmental/Ecological surveys, topographical surveys and Ground Investigations. The output of these surveys and investigations were reviewed and informed further hydraulic modelling of the flood risk to the communities. The agreed final concept would have fed into an Outline Business Case which has to go through an assurance process internally.

Click the ‘Drawings of proposed alignments and defence heights’ section within the ‘Consultation’ sub-section of the ‘Historical Information’ section on the left to view the schemes proposed alignments and defence heights.