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Preston and South Ribble: Construction Areas and Maps

The Environment Agency is delivering a £54.7m Flood Risk Management Scheme to better protect homes, schools, and businesses along parts of the River Ribble. The Scheme will improve the local environment and community amenities too. Construction in Broadgate & Riverside, and in Lower Penwortham is the first phase. Further works will take place in Walton le Dale, Frenchwood & Fishwick, and Higher Walton.

Scheme Construction

The complex nature of delivering a flood scheme means that the Environment Agency has broken down the project into two phases, which are covering five areas. The order of work is influenced by minimising disruption and ensuring flood risk is managed.

The scheme will run from Broadgate and Lower Penwortham (starting close to Liverpool Road) along the River Ribble towards Frenchwood and Fishwick Bottoms, and across the river at Walton le Dale. Defences will also be constructed along the River Darwen in Walton le Dale and up towards Higher Walton.

Click here to download the document above.


Click here to download the document above.


Due to the scale of the project construction work will be phased over a three-year period. You can view a programme of works here.

You can read the latest news updates here.


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