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Burrow Beck (South Lancaster) Proposed Flood Risk Management Scheme

The proposed schemes on these pages are currently still in the appraisal stage meaning funding has not been secured. There is therefore no guarantee that these schemes will secure funding and progress to a completed flood scheme. For more information on how Flood Risk Management Schemes are funded and delivered, please visit our dedicated page here.


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The areas of Scotforth, Hala and Bowerham in South Lancaster are heavily urbanised and experience flooding from Burrow Beck (Main River), which flows in a southerly direction throughout the area.

Over 200 properties in the area benefit from Environment Agency (EA) flood warnings and a river level gauge is located along Burrow Beck adjacent to the allotments between Wyresdale Road and Canterbury Avenue. However, Burrow Beck is a Rapid Response Catchment, making it challenging to provide accurate forecasting without over-warning, meaning flooding can occur in between flood warnings.

Flood events have occurred in September 2011, December 2015 and November 2017. More recently two separate flood events occurred less than a week apart in August 2020, during  which 20-30 properties experienced flooding. At least one of these flood events was partly attributed to a blockage of the footbridge from Lentworth Drive to Gressingham Drive. The footbridge was removed and replaced with an approach ramp, reducing the risk of future blockage.

Outline of Burrow Beck Catchment