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Flood Risk

There are x #flood alerts & x warnings in place across the #NorthWest.
Be vigilant & prepare for possible #flooding if you have received a flood warning @EnvAgencyNW. Stay #floodaware and follow @TheFloodHub’s advice if flooding is expected:



1 in 6 properties are at risk of #flooding from rivers, the sea & surface water. This number is set to increase due to #ClimateChange!

Take a look at @TheFloodHub’s ‘Impacts of Climate Change’ resource:



Maps are a useful way of visually representing the risk from different types of #flooding where you live & the surrounding area. @EnvAgencyNW has produced online maps to learn about your #floodrisk which you can find on @TheFloodHub:


Different agencies & authorities are responsible for different types of #flooding & it is important to report it to the correct place.
Guidance can be found on @TheFloodHub website & on their “Who’s responsible?” resource here: 



Sign up to @EnvAgencyNW flood alerts & warnings today! You will be eligible if you live in a
#floodrisk area, & you can sign up on text, phone or email.



Not all areas at risk of #flooding are covered by the @EnvAgencyNW’s flood warning service, however, there are various other triggers which can be used.

Check out @TheFloodHub ‘s resource for more info:



Did you know that more than 3000 homes are flooded in the UK every year because of fats, oils and greases (FOGs) and fatbergs? It’s important that we only flush the 3 P’s down the toilet: paper, pee and poo.

More info here:



Avoid driving in flood water if possible Driving in flood water can cause:

  • #Flooding to nearby houses from bow waves
  • Damage to your car Risks from hidden dangers e.g. raised manhole covers.

Stay #floodaware & check out @TheFloodHub’s resource for info: