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Preston and South Ribble Flood Scheme Online Engagement Platform Launched

Posted: 28/09/20

The Environment Agency have launched a public engagement platform for the Preston and South Ribble flood scheme.

The £5000 grant scheme for flood hit homes has been extended by the government

Posted: 22/09/20

The government extension will allow households and businesses to apply for funding from eligible councils after coronavirus delays.

Proposed removal / replacement of pedestrian footbridge over Burrow Beck

Posted: 17/09/20

Lancaster City Council have announced an important update for residents in the Hala area of Lancaster about the proposed removal/replacement of the pedestrian footbridge on the path between Gressingham Drive and Lentwroth Drive.

Natural Environment Investment Readiness Fund

Posted: 17/09/20

The Investment Readiness Fund will support the development of natural environment projects to generate revenue from ecosystem services and attract repayable investment.

The Flood Hub Flood Resilience Awareness Week Campaign

Posted: 14/09/20

From Monday 21st - Friday 25th September, we are running a Flood Resilience Awareness Week to raise awareness and encourage people to increase their resilience to flooding.

Natural flood management project to begin at Greater Manchester beauty spot

Posted: 09/09/20

Project designed to showcase natural flood management techniques and restore peatland on treasured local moorland is about to start.

The Storm Names for 2020-21 have been revealed

Posted: 02/09/20

The Met Office along with partners Met Éireann and KNMI have revealed the list of storm names for the UK, Ireland and Netherlands for the next season.

£10m available to help farmers plant new woodland

Posted: 27/08/20

As part of the third auction of the Woodland Carbon Guarantee, farmers and landowners are being offered £10m to help create new woodlands.

The final section of the Fairhaven Sea Defence Project is now complete

Posted: 20/08/20

The final section of the Sea Defence Project at Fairhaven Lake has been completed and is now open to the public.

“September is Preparedness Month” is now in its sixth year #30days30waysUK

Posted: 19/08/20

Since 2015, the #30days30waysUK campaign aims to inspire and empower people to be ready and better prepared for a wide range of risks and their consequences such as flooding, fire, power cuts etc.

Beavers are returning to Cheshire for the first time in 400 years

Posted: 18/08/20

Cheshire Wildlife Trust have announced that they are reintroducing beavers back into Cheshire after 400 years.

Work on the Skirting Beck and Whangs Beck Flood Risk Management Scheme continues

Posted: 29/07/20

The Flood Risk Management Scheme in Egremont will reduce the flood risk to 220 residential and business properties, improve the local environment and community amenities.

The Flood Hub NFM Awareness Week Campaign

Posted: 21/07/20

From Monday 27th - Friday 31st July, we are running a Natural Flood Management (NFM) Awareness Week to increase the awareness of NFM and its multiple benefits!

Multi-billion pound investment as government unveils new long-term plan to tackle flooding

Posted: 14/07/20

336,000 properties in England better protected from flooding by 2027 with record £5.2 billion investment

Business as usual won’t tackle the challenges we face, warns Environment Agency

Posted: 09/07/20

Returning to business as usual after the Coronavirus pandemic won’t be enough to address the challenges of the future, warns Sir James Bevan, chief executive of the Environment Agency.

Consultation launched on reservoir emergency on-site flood plans

Posted: 07/07/20

Government believes that on-site plans should be an essential part of maintaining public safety.

A method for monetising the mental health cost of flooding

Posted: 17/06/20

Public Health England (PHE) have recently carried out research which shows that people who experience flooding in their homes can suffer from mental health illnesses, such as depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This has an economic impact, including costs to the health service and lost days at work.

The Flood Hub SuDS Awareness Week Campaign

Posted: 15/06/20

From Monday 15th June - Friday 19th June, we are running a Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) Awareness Week to increase the awareness and importance of SuDS!

New SuDS pro-forma available to help address surface water food risk

Posted: 29/05/20

Following a consultation period in early 2020, a new sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) pro-forma and accompanying guidance have been created for use by Local Planning Authorities as part of their planning documentation.

The construction of the Lancaster Flood Risk Management Scheme flood defences continues

Posted: 26/05/20

New flood walls and embankments are being built on Caton Road to protect many homes and businesses from flooding following the December 2015 flooding.

Forthcoming Events

Flood & Coast 2021

Dates: 29/06/2021, 30/06/2021, 01/07/2021,

Flood & Coast is a unique three-day event bringing together a diverse range of people to advance the global debate about flood and coastal erosion risk management (FCERM) in a changing climate.