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Join us in celebrating The Flood Hub’s one year anniversary

Posted: 05/11/19

We are celebrating one year of The Flood Hub on 5th November 2019! Join us in celebrating by following our social media accounts.

Looking back at United Utilities ‘Managing Flood Risk from New Development in Partnership’ day

Posted: 30/10/19

United Utilities held a partnership event in September 2019 to understand how risk management authorities can work better to manage flood risk from new developments.

Volunteers needed for Flimby natural flood management project

Posted: 22/10/19

West Cumbria River’s Trust are appealing for volunteers to help with a project aiming to reduce flood risk in the village of Flimby.

A 50m long green wall is set to be installed at Liverpool’s St John’s shopping centre

Posted: 15/10/19

Plans for a giant living, green wall have been approved by Liverpool City Council as part of a global effort to increase green space in city centres.

The Environment Agency and Met Office have celebrated 10 years of flood forecasting

Posted: 11/10/19

The 4th October marked ten years since the Environment Agency and the Met Office formed a partnership and saved lives, livelihoods and protected infrastructure.

Manchester water company will attempt to fight fatbergs

Posted: 04/10/19

Manchester’s water company is on a mission to make the city’s sewers free of fatbergs.

Residents in Preston and South Ribble are invited to share views on the flood scheme

Posted: 04/10/19

Local residents and businesses are invited to attend a number of engagement events hosted by the Environment Agency to share their views on the Preston and South Ribble Flood Risk Management Scheme.

Flood risk reduced and bathing water quality to improve at Seascale

Posted: 03/10/19

Flood risk in Seascale will be reduced and water quality improved following a joint project between West Cumbria Rivers Trust and Cumbria County Council.

Completion of flood resilience works boosts protection for homes across the North West

Posted: 27/09/19

Around 100 homes and businesses, across the North West, will be better protected from flooding following the completion of preventative works by the Environment Agency and its partners.

A pilot project which will use nature to tackle flooding has been launched

Posted: 23/09/19

A natural flood management (NFM) trial has been launched at farm on the border of Yorkshire and Lancashire to help reduce the risk of flooding.

Highest-ever resolution of climate projections have been launched

Posted: 17/09/19

As the world becomes increasingly impacted by climate change, understanding more about the potential future intensity of hourly rainfall and extreme daytime temperatures is key to the UK’S resilience.

Communities in Cumbria and Lancashire will benefit from Government flood funding pledge of £62m

Posted: 11/09/19

Environment Secretary Theresa Villiers has announced a new round of flood defence investment for communities across Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cumbria, the North East and the South East of England.

North West RFCC Business Plan launch

Posted: 09/09/19

The North West RFCC has released its new Business Plan which sets out its priorities and actions for 2019 to 2022.

A £1million project to reduce flood risk in Earby has now been completed

Posted: 30/08/19

The project involved repairing a culvert which ran through the town to protect 91 homes and 17 businesses from flooding.

Works are due to begin next month to repair storm damage and strengthen the flood resilience of a section of the A685

Posted: 29/08/19

Cumbria County Council is investing approximately £650,000 in surfacing and drainage works as part of the council’s Infrastructure Recovery Programme.

£2m flood defence works on Penrith Road, Keswick are due to start on the 2nd September

Posted: 29/08/19

On the 2nd September, work on the major engineering designed to increase Keswick’s flood resilience is due to begin.

Recovery work goes on after heavy flooding in the North West and Derbyshire

Posted: 20/08/19

Work continues in towns and villages across the North West and parts of Derbyshire after being hit by heavy flooding

Flood victims in Stockport are being offered grants and a council tax freeze

Posted: 13/08/19

Stockport Council are offering grants of up to £200 to residents whose homes had internally flooded between the 28th July and the 9th August 2019.

Report into the November 2017 flooding released by Lancashire County Council

Posted: 12/08/19

Lancashire County Council have published an overview report of the flooding which hit parts of Lancashire in November.

The annual ‘flood and coastal erosion risk management report: 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018′ has been released

Posted: 08/08/19

The report summarises the activities carried out by risk management authorities (RMAs) in England.

Forthcoming Events

Flood & Coast 2021

Dates: 28/06/2021, 29/06/2021, 30/06/2021, 01/07/2021,

Flood & Coast is a unique three-day event bringing together a diverse range of people to advance the global debate about flood and coastal erosion risk management (FCERM) in a changing climate.

Armboth Fells Conservation Day

Dates: 28/06/2021, 29/06/2021, 30/06/2021, 01/07/2021, 23/04/2021, 28/04/2021, 07/05/2021, 19/05/2021, 05/06/2021,

Help to plant native cottongrass plug plants into small areas of bare peat around the pools.

Shap Fells Conservation Day

Dates: 28/06/2021, 29/06/2021, 30/06/2021, 01/07/2021, 23/04/2021, 28/04/2021, 07/05/2021, 19/05/2021, 05/06/2021, 05/05/2021, 13/05/2021, 27/05/2021,

Help to collect peat-forming Sphagnum moss and translocate it into new pools.

Bampton Common Planting Day

Dates: 28/06/2021, 29/06/2021, 30/06/2021, 01/07/2021, 23/04/2021, 28/04/2021, 07/05/2021, 19/05/2021, 05/06/2021, 05/05/2021, 13/05/2021, 27/05/2021, 29/05/2021, 16/06/2021, 30/06/2021,

Follow up maintenance for continued recovery. Collecting peat-forming bog mosses (Sphagnum) and transplanting them into bare areas.

World Habitat Day – creating sand dunes

Date: 04/10/2021

For 'World Habitat Day' Lancashire Wildlife Trust will be erecting fences and planting Marram grass plugs in the foredunes of the Fylde Sand Dunes at North Beach, St Anne's.